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Supplizen Digestive Enzymes, made in USA, is a unique blend of enzymes that helps in your digestion by breaking the complex food molecules down to smaller, simpler molecules.

Low level or lack of certain naturally occurring enzymes leads to impaired digestion, symptoms like gas, bloating and discomfort. Supplizen Digestive Enzymes is a complete blend that will provide a cover for these gaps and help you improve digestion in short and long term. This unique enzyme blend will also help you in better nutrient absorption and with lactose and cellulose intolerance. Buy this monthly pack of Supplizen Digestive Enzymes now for a strong digestive health. Start your journey for good health now!

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1. Proteases, (+ Bromelain & Papain): breaks down protein molecule into simpler amino acids. Amino acids are absorbed into the body and work as building blocks for muscles. Bromelain is obtained from Pineapple and Papain from papaya. Both enzymes have been used for various digestive ailments for centuries. 

2. Amylases: This enzyme is found in human saliva. It breaks down starch/ carbohydrate molecule into simpler sugars. They are then metabolized by the body to release energy. Amylase production decreases with age. Studies show that lower levels of amylases are linked with type II diabetes. 

3. Lipase: breaks down fat molecules into simpler fatty acids. These are then absorbed and utilized by cellular processes and stored as energy reserves. Lipase has shown to help manage symptoms of IBS in a clinical study 


4. Pectinase, Xylanase, Hemicellulase, Beta Gluconase, Alpha galactosidase: they break down the dietary fiber & other complex sugar molecules into simpler compounds. They may help with cellulose intolerance and reduce bloating. Studies show that a significant number of population may suffer from these intolerances with mild symptoms. 

5. Lactase: helps break down Lactose in milk and thus helps individuals with lactose intolerance as they are unable to produce this enzyme naturally. This in turn helps in preventing gas and bloating.

Studies have shown that supplementation with enzymes helps in managing various digestive issues like intolerances, indigestion, IBS symptoms etc