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Frequently Asked Question

If you are on medication or have an existing medical condition, we recommend you to consult a physician before taking any supplements.

Please refer to the label as dosage recommendations may differ for different supplements.

While the exact composition of few supplement solution may differ by brand, when consumed as per the individual recommended dosage, all brands should deliver the desired benefit or effect.

Our science based algorithm would prevent any duplication of same type of supplements when you make a selection using our questionnaire. If there are multiple supplements recommended, they are generally safe to be consumed as directed each day.

Most supplements are either extracted from natural sources or made in labs as nature identical molecules. They have years of science and common knowledge to support their general safety.

Most supplements should be stored in the primary container in cool, dry environment away from sunlight. Some supplements may have specific storage conditions which would be mentioned on the label

The safety profile of a supplement if stored properly should not change during its entire shelf life.

The claims are based on ingredients and are supported by science published in various reputed journals. Links to such articles are provided with the description of supplement solutions.

We are working on it. We will only start selling for younger population once we have done a thorough research on existing science to confirm the efficacy of the supplements.

There are many other good brands with great products, Supplizen has picked up a few amongst the best brands in Singapore.

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices and it is a certification given to manufacturing facilities after they have met the stringent requirements of safe, quality and hygienic manufacturing.

Yes, the parent company of Supplizen is registered in Singapore. Our supplements are manufactured in a GMP facility in the US.

Supplizen as a brand has been established in 2020. The manufacturing facility where we have chosen to manufacture our branded product is in the US and had a decades long manufacturing experience and expertise in a stringent FDA regulated environment.

It’s WIP, we will be launching an app soon on both Playstore and App Store.

Supplizen does not share any data it collects from its consumers. We have a very strict data privacy policy.

Deliveries are free for orders above SGD 80

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel the orders once the payments are made.

No, to ensure product safety and authenticity at all times, Supplizen has a ‘no return’ policy.

If the supplement box seal is broken or the bottle is damaged exposing the product to air, moisture or sunlight, the product needs to be discarded. In such case, Supplizen would accept the return and will refund or replace your order at no additional cost.