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About Us

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Be your body best!

Supplizen is a health tech company providing supplement solutions with unique formulations created for you in FDA and GMP Certified facilites in the US.

Our Vision: To be the one stop portal for personalized wellness solutions. As an organization, we aim to provide good health to everyone through personalized supplements, nutrition and wellness solutions, so that ‘You can be your body best!’

Our Product: Our expertise in nutrition science helps in understanding your unique issues. Just select the issues relevant to you and we will be able to deliver your recommended supplements to your doorstep.

The Problem we solve: In our busy everyday life with active demanding lifestyles, we suffer from one health issue or another. We are often low on energy and sleep or high on stress. Most times, we do not know how to resolve these issues. Most of us fail to meet dietary recommendations due to imbalanced diet, poor appetite, or changing nutritional needs. Supplements can help bridge the nutritional gap, but often most of us don’t know which supplements are best suited.

Making the right choice of supplements is often too complex, involving reading difficult labels, understanding complex claims, reading reams and reams of complex online research. Supplizen cuts down all this hard work and gets you the right personalized solutions.

Supplizen is your personal supplement expert. Our expertise is in providing you supplements that are suited exactly to your body’s needs. Supplizen can recommend a personalized supplement regime that helps you be your body best!