Employee Benefits

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Stress and sleep deprivation have taken pandemic proportions in Singapore.


High stress and lack of proper sleep has led to to multiple issues which are highly interrelated to each other

The Employer Employee gap

There is a gap in comprehensive health packages for employees while 60% of HR directors rate the availability of health and wellness benefits as good; 93% employers believe employee should value health the most. Also, only 22% employees are pleased, while 23% are dissatisfied with the current health and wellness benefits

    Employers should consider enhancing their employee benefit solution by including dietary supplements in their employee offerings

    What can Supplizen do?

    Create care Packages for your employees Offer products at prices exclusive to your company. Offer subsidized subscription packages for your employees

    - Create care packs for your employees and get them delivered on your behalf.
    - Offer products at prices exclusive to your company.
    - Offer subsidized subscription packages for your employees

    The supplizen advantage:
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    Supplizen is the world’s first assessment tool for users to get guidance on their dietary supplement needs and match those needs with top quality products.