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Calcium and Vitamin D

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What is Calcium & Vitamin D?

Calcium is a mineral that is an essential constituent of our bones and teeth & is not produced naturally in the body. Hence, to maintain dense, strong bones, it is essential to maintain the required intake of Calcium through diet or supplements. Calcium also helps in muscle movement, blood circulation & hormone production. Vitamin D helps in absorption of the Calcium ingested.

Is it safe to consume Calcium supplements?

Calcium supplementation is generally safe. However, if you have underlying medical condition related to kidney or heart then you must consult your physician before starting the supplementation regime.

What are the key benefits of Calcium & Vitamin D supplementation?

Supplementation with calcium and Vitamin D helps enhance bone mineral density and bone mineral content: The effect of calcium and Vitamin D supplementation on bone mineral density of calcium has been demonstrated in a group of young adult women in a scientific study. The results showed the positive effect of calcium and Vitamin D supplementation in women both peri- and post-menopausal status.

Vitamin D controls calcium absorption & homeostasis: Vitamin D and its' metabolites are a crucial part of the endocrine system that controls whole body calcium homeostasis. The goal of this hormonal control is to regulate serum calcium levels so that they are maintained within a very narrow range. A primary role for 1,25(OH)2 D during growth is to increase intestinal calcium absorption so that sufficient calcium is available for bone mineralization. However, vitamin D also has specific actions on kidney and bone.

Does Calcium supplementation really work?

Studies have demonstrated positive effects of supplementation with Calcium and Vitamin D on the bone mineral density and bone mineral content.

Vitamin D helps in absorption of Calcium and ensures sufficient Calcium is available for optimum bone mineralization. Hence these are effective only when used in combination.